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We reserve the right to modify terms, conditions, and notices under the SkunKitty Fursuits website. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. By using, accessing, or browsing through this website, or placing a commission, you indicate that you agree to be bound by these terms. This site and its contents are exclusive property to SkunKitty Fursuits. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use, access, or browse the site. SkunKitty Fursuits reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete a portion or all of these Terms of Use and Conditions at any time. Please keep a screenshot handy at times as well.


Quotes and Warranty

Any quotes are subject to change. SkunKitty Fursuits reserves the right to deny service to anyone. All work is guaranteed for 3 months upon day of item received. Any unauthorized alteration not made by SkunKitty Fursuits voids the warranty. Warranty covers defects of material and construction. Only good with valid proof of at least six different pictures from all angles and close ups. Normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty, as is slight seam pops.



We require all full suit commissioner to complete and send us a duct tape dummy. The better the duct tape dummy is, the better the suit will fit. If you are planning on growing, loosing or gaining weight, or changing any size of your body, wait to make the duct tape dummy until after you have completed your physical change. We will keep future body changes in mind at your request. For example, if you plan on gaining weight after the suit is made, we can make the body larger then your current body size. The tighter the costume fits, the less range of motion you will have. The looser the body fits, the more range of motion you will have.



All customers must be at least 18 years of age before sending any payments. If under 18, a parent or guardian must contact us before we can accept a commission.

We do make suits for minors, although we highly recommend just a light partial as in head, tail, and hand paws. Usually fitting to an adult so there is growing room. If you really wish, we will make feet paws and MAYBE a suit for you (being under 18), if your parents/guardians approve.



Allergens, such as cat hair, may be present on the fursuit. If needed, we will wash the suits with a special detergent before shipping to remove as much as possible for $5.



We ask that you do not make any changes to the costume once the price and completion date are set. Any changes made after can cause the price or completion date to change. We will work with you to cover any details before the commission is accepted. Please do not hesitate to ask about changes, as some minor changes will not effect the price or completion time. Changes that will effect price and completion times include, but are not limited to: added colors, added markings, special requests, and anything that requires new materials to be ordered.


Work in Progress Pictures

We will send the user work in progress pictures as pieces are completed or as requested. Also, while asking for a progress picture is fine, constant requests will only slow us down, so please keep it to a minimum and know we will send pictures as pieces are made. We will also be sending a progress video of the head so you can get a 360 viewing and make sure everything is in order before continuing.  (If needed)


Shipping in and out of the USA!

Shipping is included in the price for any commission that stays within the contiguous United States. We usually ship with USPS, include insurance with the suit, and have a signature required upon delivery. If you would like us sending the item(s) using different shipping, we may ask for a bit more money, depending on the circumstance.


We ship internationally! However with that being said; outside of the US, it will cost more for shipping! 

We will ship any international carrier that you request. Once the package leaves the United States, we are no longer responsible for it. Always check with your local laws and customs department before having something mailed to your country. Also, be patient! Large packages tend to get held up in customs. Delays in international shipping are beyond our control. Also keep in mind that the shipping may get up to or past $100 USD.

Applies to shipping within United States. Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here: Payment and Delivery Infomation.


Concept Art

SkunKitty Fursuits requires concept art to begin work on a project. In order for a quote, we require concept art or a detailed description of the costume. Concept art may be purchased before a commission is placed for $8. The ending product will be made based on the look of the reference art. Small differences may be present as the final size and shape of the costume will most likely be slightly differently shaped than the concept art. SkunKitty Fursuits is not responsible for including anything that is not present on the agreed concept art.


Payment Plan

We do accept payment plans, see below for details. If payment, is not made in full by the time the suit is finished, we will hold onto it for a minimum of 3 months. After that if full payment is not made, we will refund the buyer; minus the price of time spent and price of materials, and sell the fursuit as a pre-mades. We will negotiate special circumstances such as medical emergencies, loss of job, or any financial crisis that is beyond the buyer's control. 

Note: We will NOT ship anything until payments are made in full.


For any orders totaling $550 or more: Minimum 10% down payment*, with minimum 10% per month or 50%  down payment* and 50% when completed.

For any order between $100 - $550: Minimum 25% down payment*, with minimum 25% per month or 75% down payment* and 25% on completion.

For any orders below $100: 50% down payment*, with the other 50% paid before shipping.

All art and pre-made items must be paid in full, except if the buyer needs payments on pre-made partials and full suits.

*If work has already been started, the down payment is non-refundable. 

If fursuit is close to finish, 50% of said payment or whatever the cost may be shall be non-refunded.

Payment methods accepted are as followed:

  • Paypal - the more safest and preferred method 

  • Google pay/wallet - Safe method no fees

  • Paying through Facebook - as it goes straight from a card or straight from Paypal.​


  • Cash - Sent hidden in a 'birthday card' or some other hidden way.

  • Check or Money order - Pretty much same as above

  • Paying in any sort of gift cards - IF ACCEPTABLE very rarely.

Missed three payments! But I still want to try and get my fursuit, anything I can do?!


If you missed three payments in general, there is a chance to keep going. Any payment missed would result in a 15$ - 50$ add on to whatever the total was.



The total you owe was $550. You already paid $150, yet you missed a payment in February, March, and and July.. If you would like to continue, the total would be put on to $25 would be $575 instead of $550, and something would have to be paid before the end of July. If you pay in July and miss any other month, another $25 would be added, making the total $600, etcetera. SkunKitty Fursuits WILL NOT touch your fursuit until either the payments start going more smoolthy OR you fursuit has been paid off after that.

Rush Orders

For rush orders, one must still give at least two months in advance. Paying $100 extra will give the rush order better status. The rush ordering will make SkunKitty Fursuits ONLY focus on said order, any other commission type will be put on hold until the rush order is completed. If we are not able to complete said order before the due date; SkunKitty Fursuits will be giving $50 (Or however far we are  to completion) back to the customer.



We have a priority system as well based on how you pay, independent of total cost. If you pay 100% of the total price, your product will have #1 priority, doing the 50% payments will give #2 priority, and a month-by-month payment will give you #3 priority. We will be fair to everyone and give time to everyone, but the more you pay up front the quicker your suit will be done.


Refund Policy

In order to legitimize a claim, we ask the buyer to send us a picture of supposed defect. If picture is not supplied, we will not agree to a refund or repair. If the pictures look like you've already messed with anything, that voids any warrenty of reciving any type of refund. If a picture is supplied and we see that it is a defect from producing the fursuit, we will give the buyer two choices:

1. Return it at our expense and we will fix it.

2. Process a refund at up to no more than 50% of the total cost.


If we send the buyer Work-In-Progress pictures and their replies are similar to "Good", "Love it", "Like it", etc ... and then when they receive the product and demands a refund because they don't like the way it looks or the colors, we will refuse a refund. We will attempt to send you as many angles of the item you are buying as possible. If you do not point out any errors about appearance or any complaints on how it looks from these pictures, we will assume it is good. We would rather take the extra time to fix these mistakes before sending them to you.


Note: ALL refunds REQUIRE a picture from the buyer to legitimize the claim.



Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By accepting a commission from SkunKitty Fursuits, you agree upon all terms of service. SkunKitty Fursuits stores digital copies of all communication for our records, and we advise you to do the same. Also it's a good idea to take a photo of the Terms, just in case they change over the time.


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