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Washing Instructions

NOTE: It is always a good idea to know how to sew by hand, because with wear there will be tear.

     It is also a good idea to have a hot glue gun on hand just in case!

For the care and washing on the fursuit, follow these instructions as you will.

  1. To wash. Simply clean out your bathtub really well before cleaning the fursuit inside it. Use the more cool side of the water to fill up the tub just enough that the suit will be slightly submerged. Luke warm water is also usable here to not freeze your hands. Add just a LITTLE bit of detergent in the water for a nicer smelling and cleaner suit. Gently massage the suit with your hands to get it nice and slightly soapy.

  2. Drain water and very carefully rinse the suit until no more soap is seen. The suit will be heavy.

  3. After the soap is all gone; or for the most part. Pick the suit up and carefully and gently twist in places such as the arms and legs; body if you can. (For hand paws and tail; even feet paws, do the same.) DO NOT APPLY TOO MUCH PRESSURE OR TOO MUCH TWIST.

  4. To dry the suit; take it out of the bathtub. You can hang it up over the curtain area or another place, such as outside. Caution; let your suit dry in place for a short while before hanging it up anywhere because over time; it may stretch out the suit a bit. If you hang it up inside; place a fan on high pointing at it to dry. Brush with a cat or dog brush (NEW, NOT USED) from time to time. Remember to brush it ever so gently as to not pull on the damp fur too much.

If you dry it outside; DO NOT place the fursuit in the sun! THIS IS A WARNING, direct sun is BAD for a wet suit especially. Find a mostly shaded spot and hang it up there. Brush it gently with a cat or dog brush.

  •  Got bad stains? Not a big problem! To get out tricky stains, use some baking soda on the area. It should get most stains out. Also Oxyclean will help keep things white and colors bright!

  •  To transport your damp fursuit; put it in a laundry basket. (If going outside or to a different area of your house to dry. Fursuit will need a drain or a bucket to catch the excess water the suit will drop.

  •  This method of drying can take up to two or so days; especially on the tails. So, be ready for that.


                                                                    Optional washing

If you would like to use the washing machine; follow these guidelines carefully.

1. ALWAYS wash your fursuits with COLD water. Hot water may mat or even melt your fursuit.

2. No steam cycle, please! NO HEAT!

3. You may use Folex; just follow the instructions on the bottle.


                                                                      To machine dry

If you want to use your dryer, you can certainly do so. Just proceed with CAUTION and follow this. To dry the bodysuit and hand paws, you can use an “Air Fluff (no heat)” setting on a dryer (Always test the cycle with a test scrap before you dry your costume for the first time, you can run a scrap of fur through if you are not sure if there is no heat, check the scrap after the cycle for any melted fibers). Dry the bodysuit inside-out on “Air Fluff” until the backing is mostly dry to the touch (some dampness can be left), and then turn it right-side-out, so the fur has a chance to fluff up and get the liquid out. Continue to dry until the fur is mostly dry to the touch, it usually still comes out just slightly damp though. The hand paws also are best dried in a mesh bag. Once the bodysuit and hand paws are out of the dryer, hang them, and a cat or dog brush to make the fur lay properly, and not dry clumped.                                                                                                              


                               With any of these options: do not store your costume until it is 100% dry!

Spot cleaning the suit or the head for quick cleans is a good thing too. Your suit shouldn’t get too dirty; depending how often you wear it and if it’s going to be outside or around a lot of people. So the least it should be cleaned and not spot cleaned would be once a month; or less!                                                                                                                                                      To spot clean your suit or your head:                            

  · Dry Cloth

  • Wet Cloth

  • Cat or Dog Brush (New, not used)

  • Cleaner like Folex.

  • Detergent or soap

You will need to wet the cloth first and put it to your spot of cleaning. Get the area nice and wet. NOT SOAKING. Spray the part with the cleaner and work it in with your fingers. After, use the dry cloth on the area to have it dried a bit. Use the brush to get the fur to going to correct way again and then let air dry! Store on a hanger in your closet or in a tote. I like to use the totes because I put a box of laundry sheets in with the fursuits. It helps keep them smelling good. You may also put a sheet or two inside your fursuit head. The nice smell stays inside the totes and you shouldn’t really have to get another box unless you keep using all the sheets from it. Just open the box and set it on the bottom or the middle of the fursuit. You may want to take care of your fursuit and brush it the better way. If you brush the opposite way than one normally would; it doesn’t pull out the fur as much and you get the same look too.



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