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To get started:

1. Some duct tape; usually will need two or even three to be safe! Nice yardage of at least 55 yards or more.


2. A sauna suit you can get for cheap at Walmart. (I wouldn't entirely recommend it,  it didn't bother my husband, but it did bother me. I got REALLY cold wearing this with duct tape.) You can get a Painter's Outfit (A jumpsuit) at a place like Menard's instead.

OR you can use cheap clothes/old clothes that you don't want to wear anymore.


3. You are also going to need at least one friend to get started! The more people to help you, the better off you will be. This can take longer than an hour, depending. So gather up some people! People you trust because they will see you in your underwear. Also as a note; be SURE to use the bathroom beforehand! You dun wanna be uncomfy because you can't move and you need to pee.

4. A black marker will be to mark out the few areas you will be cutting to escape from the duct tape!


5. The scissors are a follow-up on actually getting free. You shouldn't use very sharp scissors, because there's a slight chance you MAY cut the person in the duct tape.

6. You will need something to support your arms once you get to that point, but still have something ready! I am going to use two vacuum cleaners (Can use chairs or whatever is available.) to support my husband's arms. Since he will have to have his arms out as straight as he can.


7. A nice clean and big enough spot so your friend(s)/family can get around you without bumping into each other!

8. Lastly, something to watch! This is mainly for the person getting taped up so they wont get too bored just standing there. Please friends, don't watch the television and get distracted. I would say get a movie going instead of a thirty minute show!

What you need to do!

You will need to cut a lot of pieces, but make sure they aren't so big as not to wrap around your body, arms, or legs. I repeat do NOT wrap the duct tape  around parts! Cut out pieces that are at least 10 inches, can be bigger once you get up to your torso area!


A tip may be to cut a LOT of pieces and stick those pieces onto the back of chairs and everything; maybe someone can be assigned to do that so you don't have to wait on tearing pieces to stick to you.


You should start around each ankle and around the wrists. These are the only parts needed to be "around" with duct tape.

 If you want to still be sitting down, you can at this time while people put strips of tape before your knee and/or on the upper part of your body and a little bit of your torso.

You don't need to sit down though if you feel energized and feel you can stand for a few good minutes to over an hour.


Three very long strips will go under where the crotch is.  These strips will go to the back of the tailbone at least.

You will need to stay standing at this point; no more sitting down if you were.

Like I said, friends/family you trust! Or something may get awkward.


Continue putting pieces of tape all over the place until your body is nice and covered!

Be sure to enforce the places where you bend; like the knees, elbow, and a bit at the crotch.

Look how pretty you are!

This is where your friends/family starts marking off the certain spots in which they'll cut. It's nice to also mark out spots as to where things like your tail will be.

It's also nice to mark out where your elbow and knees are.


For this specific spot, you will need to draw a line from the top of the neck all the way past the bigger part of your waist. Usually to the crack of your butt.

Cut, cut away!

Mark from the wrist all the way a little past your wrist and cut very carefully, especially the closer you get to the elbow since there may be little space up that way!


Do this on both sides and then you can pull the duct tape off if you carefully and slowly. Now your chest can breath!

On to the leg next! Use the marker to place a line from the ankle all the way up a little past the knee. Be very careful when cutting here, since it's harder to cut upwards and with the smaller space between the tape and your skin.


One you cut both sides of the knee; you should be able to slide the duct tape off kind of like pants. Again, be careful when pulling it off still. When you slide it off past your butt, you can sit down to have the legs easier to be pulled off.

Viola!~ You're all skin now.  

Yay, now you are all done making your duct tape dummy! You may be a little sweaty. Wash off and take care of yourself now! You can throw the dummy to the side and behold it's glory!


If you want, it would be nice to patch up the places you have cut with more duct tape before putting it in the box and shipping it off somewhere. That would save me a few minutes or not having to do that myself. Your choice though! <3

And that's all there is to making a Duct Tape Dummy!

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