Commission Prices

Full Fursuit

Price: $700 - $2,000 Plantigrade

Price: $830 - $2,130 Digitigrade

Full custom made fursuit.

All customers must send a duct-tape-dummy, shoe size, and head size in order to get dimensions correct. 


**Price will vary depending on complexity of the suit, whether it be Digitigrade or Plantigrade and any other add-ons**

Half Suit

Price: $600 - $1,500 Plantigrade

Price: $730- $1,630 Digitigrade

Custom made half suit.

Half suit could either be upper torso, or lower legs, with the variant of digitigrade or plantigrade.

A dummy of which half would help, especially for digitigrade legs.

Must give head size and shoes size.

**Price will vary depending on complexity of the suit, whether it be Digitigrade or Plantigrade and any other add-ons**

Partial Fursuit

Price: $550 - $1,000

Partial custom made fursuit.

All partials come with a head, hand paws, tail, and feet paws. Need head circumference to get correct size, and shoe size.

Mini partials consist of just the head, hands, and tail. 

**Either Mini partial, regular partial or full partail may come with wings that would vary in price. **

**Price will vary depending on complexity of the fursona, and any other add-ons**

Legs or Torso

Price: $200 - $600 Plantigrade/Torso

Price: $300 - $900 Digitigrade

Fursuit legs, be it either plantigrade ($200) or digitigrade ($300) shall be made. The legs will have an option of a few belt loops or suspenders.

Torso, or top of the suit will have an option of adding a zipper.

**Price will vary with colors, complexity and which option is chosen.**

Fursuit Head

Price: $300 - $600

Custom made fursuit head. Need head dimensions in order to get correct fit. Toony, or realistic DVC head.


**Price will vary depending on complexity head, and what add-ons the customer wants.**


Price: $400 - $800 Plantigrade

Price: $530 - $930 Digitigrade

Custom made body suit. Customer must send in a duct tape dummy to get correct dimensions. 

The bodysuit may have either plantigrade or digitigrade legs.


**Price will vary depending on complexity of the bodysuit. colors, and if plantigrade or digitigrade is needed**

Hand Paws

Price: $35 - $100


Can either be gloves or sleeves up to the elbow or the shoulder.

**Price will vary depending on how many colors and where the sleeve stops.**


Can do Toony-styled paws (Foamed or un-foamed), four fingered paws, and regular paws

Fursuit Tail

Price: $45 - $300


Custom made tail.

**Price varies with how many colors and how long the tail will be. Also if any spikes or "feathers" are included on said tail. **

Feet Paws

Prices: $100 - $300

Custom made feet paws. Need shoe size to get correct fit. 


**Price varies with how many colors, four or three toes, indoor/outdoor or regular feet bottoms, claws, or knee length sleeves. Also note that this price may apply for those wanting sandals!**

Plushie Jan 2020.jpg

Prices: $40 - $800

Custom made plushies


**Price varies with how many colors, complexity, and how big the plushie will be. Base price is for about 8-10~ inches.**

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