Want to go on a small journey with me? This page will go from all the way back to when I FIRST started making fursuits. So  you will be able to see the changes throughout the years, most are of how my Fursuit Saiyu has changed.

Nizuri 2016
I got around to remaking Nizuri's bodysuit into a digitigrade.
Her 2018 refurbished bodysuit is in the works right now!
Saiyu 2016
One of the very first times that I made digitigrade. Remaking Saiyu for the umpteenth time.

Her NEWEST 2017 version is on the Other Gallery!
Nizuri 2016
I finally got around to remaking Nizuri's fursuit head out of foam!
Ashton 2016
Renewed Ashton's partial with an actual foam head, and feet paws! A bigger tail too.

Ashton's last remade fursuit head and paws were realistic! That can be seen in the Canine section in my Gallery!
Saiyu 2014
Better picture of my plantigrade fursuit, without the plastic in the eyes. The feet does have toes, but they were so... noticeable.
Saiyu 2014
First fully renewed Saiyu fursuit with a foam head! My first foam head! I had plastic in my eyes xD but only for a REALLY short while, as you can see in this picture; they were fogged really bad. And, with having glasses as well, that's like 150x worse to see.
Ashton 2013
So, with my old fursuit cardboard Saiyu head (AGAIN) I went and refurred it for my boyfriend (At the time). I'm counting this as it was just a refurred as well. I only did the head. He already had a small tail and hand paws.
Nizuri 2012
My VERY Last Fursuit I made with a cardboard head.
Suzaika 2012
So I went ahead and tried to make my King CheeTigah. Same as with Saiyu: Suzaika has the cardboard head and split pants with shirt fursuit. I even actually tried to make toes this time haha
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