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                 I  love drawing art! I do both traditional and digital.

            Digital will cost more of course. I only draw safe for work art. Upon the costumer’s request; I can draw one character or multiple characters. Tell me if you want the traditional drawing mailed to you or not.

With badges,  will ask if Traditional or Digital as well. If I do the traditional, I shall laminate it and ship it. With a Digital badge, I would ask if you would like me to print it, laminate, and ship it. Unless you would like to do that of your own accord.

   Thank you for considering me!

  ~ Saiyu

         Custom Art


PRICES: $5, $10, $15 plus

Badges range from a head, bust, or a full body! They will be traditional laminated and shipped.

Or, I may make them digitial and sent via message/e-mail, but cannot print them myself.

(Please, click the picture for examples!)


Price: Starting at $10 for traditional, $12 for digital plus.

Reference sheet has many different perks. From being just two sided, to being full blown with everything one would need! (Four sides, different faces, accessories, things the fursona likes/dislikes, ectetera). So price will vary dependiong on traditional/digital, and what one is looking for with sided poses.

(Please, click the picture for examples!)

Custom Art

Custom art would include anything from a simple fursona with a simple pose (background or not), all the way to having many fursonas together in one big picture, with a nice background.I would appreciate you telling me all the details and such!

Price range starts at: $5 

depending on everything, price varies greatly.

(Please, click the picture for examples!)

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