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Meet the SkunKitty!


       Hello, my name is Saiyu Norton. I am Skunk (30%) and Cat (70%) mix.

          Born without scent glands, so I could never spray anyone! Haha.

       At around 2008,  I found out about furries (for real) and that's when I started to draw them more and more. When 2009-2010 came around, I was ready to attempt my very first fursuit partial. It looked horrible lol, but it was mine. I kept doing things to the suit and improving every chance I got. Made the first whole suit closer to the end of 2009 and it was a top (shirt) piece and a bottom (pants) piece. I remade the whole fursuit come the end of 2013 and again remade the whole thing as a revamped upgrade to digitigrade in 2016. Every time, I kept getting better. One day, I decided to make a bat-skunk by the name, Yuko. I wore her for a furry convention; my very FIRST furry convention and I really loved how she turned out. She wasn't really -me- though, so I asked my (At the time boyfriend) husband how to try and sell her. Having sold her, I was really happy and enjoyed the fact that she now has a new home that someone will hopefully love her. Because of Yuko, I felt like I could actually go about and commission fursuits. I love it! I've not done very many commissions yet, but I hope I will get more and more as the years go by now. I have already done over 30 fursuits! I wanna get as many as possible ^^! Not just with fursuits, but with badges and other art as well! Back at the start of 2015, I had my first website made called, that was something my husband made for me; his acquaintance had a big part in making it as well.


     I am the one who sews everything and responds to everyone about anything ^_^! I love to get back to people's comments, questions, and concerns as soon as I can. I have been told I'm really nice to work with and that I usually work pretty quickly. With most full fursuits taking about four months to complete. 

     I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I was totally a young child who basically taught myself how to draw. I have over 500 drawings EASILY. I've kept them all. (Well, most of ALL of them). Also have been trying my paw with digital work as you can see around my website! You can see most my older drawings and what not here:

My NEWER Art can be found here: (Getting there with NEW)

This is my Fursuit Photos/Commissions:


You may also follow me on my YouTube:

My TikTok can be checked out at: @SaiyuSkunKitty (My OLDER art work. Pre-2015)

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