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Important information about foreign shipping

Tolls, taxes, and other fees not indicated in the total price may apply to international shipments.

Skunkitty Fursuits are not responsible for any other fees after sending you item(s) out to the post office. If the post office asks for money or has you paying a customs fee, we are not responsible for that.


Shipping available for the following countries:

  • SkunKitty Fursuits ships World Wide now!

We have already shipped to places such as:
Slovakia, China, Japan, France, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

We've only had slight issues thought France once. Everywhere else has been very smooth.

Again, shipping total may be around $100 or more, depending. Shipping will have to be paid in full before the item(s) is shipped.

A tracking number will be given to you: it's up to you to follow it throughout the states/countries as the item(s) is getting out to you. If anything comes up slow or missing, it's up to you for getting ahold of your own package. Unless the item is still stuck inside of the states, Skunkitty Fursuits may try to see what they can do to help out!

Payment methods

  • PayPal (Most preferable, quickest and safest)

  • Google Pay/wallet (Also very accepting, no fees)

  • Paying through Facebook messenger.

  • SkunKitty Fursuits could also make special instances for selling through Etsy if the customer needs!



  • Money Order (secured between two pieces of paper or cardboard) Definitely last resort. Could take a while to receive the money order, and a not very secure way to pay.

  • Cash, same as money orders.

Refunds and fixings

Sadly refunds and fixings, after the item(s) have been shipped, are not accepted for out of country orders.

It would just be way to expensive sending things back and forth for repairs. So please make sure you have someone to help you fix anything that may pop in the future, or teaching yourself how to sew the slightest.

Refunds for anything after the item(s) is shipped will not be happening.

Everything before the item(s) is shipped still apply to the regular Terms and Conditions, so please read through everything. This includes the payment plans.

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