Other Species
King 2019
King is a premade Drekkubus
Bean the Skunk 2019
Bean was a partial, turned digitigrade. David wanted most of the partial to be made with minky, except the tail and bodysuit
Kokkaku 2019
Personal fursuit of Saiyu. I'm not sure WHAT he is though!
Ashton Bird 2019
Realistic bird that I made for my Hubby. Base by DVC.
Fursuit Head 2019 (2014)
This fursuit head was actually foamed back in like 2014 maybe, I finally furred the rest of it and it sold quickly!
Charizard X 2018
This is EXACTLY how the costumer wanted him!
Inara the Gator Hybrid 2018
I dunno what the hybrid part is but yeah! It was pretty fun with all of those teeth! She also has a removable hair tuft (Not pictured)
Bast the Dragon Bat 2018
First one in a long time to do another bat type character!
Slush the Kangaroo 2018
Kangaroo with medium sized feet as requested by the customer!
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