Fursuit Misc.

Pink Striped bodysuit 2020
Katie's digitigrade bodysuit
Hoodie 2020
Tony's MLP inspired hoodie
Black and White Bodysuit 2020
Digitigrade Bodysuit for Katie
Digitigrade 2020 Canine
A digitigrade bodysuit with a nub tail and feet for Jennifer again
Indoor feet and sandals 2020
A pair of cute Indoor feet with a pair of sandals
Digitigrade Hyena Bodysuit 2020
Bodysuit for a digitigrade Hyena
Plantigrade bodysuit with feet and nub tail 2020
Commission for Jennifer, plantigrade
Wickerbeast Hands 2020
A pair of Wickerbeast hands
Digitigrade Koi Bodysuit 2020
This bodysuit is for Koi (Rose) as I made the bodysuit way later on than the mini partial. Didn't get a full picture from the customer.
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