Shazham 2020
Plantigrade Tigress
Melon 2020 Full
Partial from 2019 upgrade to bodysuit finished in 2020
Smudge 2020
The Feline-Dolphin, Smudge.
He's a premade
Aramaki 2020
The Leafeon inspired Siamese. Personal fursuit of SkunKitty
Akumu 2020
Feline-esque . Middle pictures features the owner
Lynx 2019
Partial Lynx kitty. Couldn't fit the feet myself lol
Suzaika 2018
Digitigrade padding, hips, and a butt. Thought I would try something new!
Sinrow the Lion 2018
They were still growing, so I left a bit of room! My first Lion =D!
Chris 2017
Khajiit as best I could make one.
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