Angel Dragons

Kiko 2020
First time trying magnetic eyelids
Tronn 2018
Tronn, based off of Sora's Tron getup in Kingdom Hearts 2. Has LEDs across the chest, down and up the tail and from cheek to cheek
Nen'eki 2.0 2018
Fully remade Nen'eki after selling her 1.0
Bumbee 2017
The feet paws and head base were NOT my bases. The person who commissioned me didn't tell me who those belong to, just someone in England. I'm sorry I can't credit them. I just furred the head base and feet base. Everything else I made by hand though.
Alastor 2017
Nice Dutchie that now lives in France!
Match 2016
Beautiful Partial
Nitemere 2015
Nitemere, the Halloween Town Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Inspired Dutch Angel Dragon. Sold as a Pre-Made!
Hollow 2015
Made a sold to a friend as a partial, never go a whole picture...
Lynux 2015
Made for my husband, but sold as a pre-made now.
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