Rainbow 2020
A rainbow Huskey
Wolf-Dragon 2020
A Wolf Dragon hybrid
Samarah 2020
Zack 2020
Brad 2020
Kayla 2020
Remade version from 2019
Spad wolf 2020
Mini Partial for Youngster 2020
With parent's permission, this little cutie was made!
Luke Dalmation G-Shep 2019
Beautiful plantigrade with lots of spots! Two types of blue.
Nizuri 3.0 2019
My personal fursuit Nizuri. This is 3.0 and she went through a big change
Fox mini partial 2019
Mni partial for a youngster
Folf head 2019
Belongs to a partial I made. Parts were bought, so I couldn't get the partial as a whole picture just yet. (I'll see if they can get one for me)
Taylor's Wolf, Bunny, and Cow 2019
As it's said, this is a pretty interesting hybrid!
Cole 2019
A canine
Hexen 2019
Hexen had his partial (Head, hands, tail, feet, and big wings), back in 2018, came back for the bodysuit in 2019!
(He is wearing it in this picture)
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