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Welcome to my commisions page!

I will make the best fursuit I can make for you. I do anything from drawing furries, all the way up to making full fursuits and everything else in between! Don't be shy to try me out. I am kind and understanding. I have a payment plan, with only a 10% down payment on most of my things I'll be doing for you. I may need a reference sheet or a duct tape dummy; depending on what's built or drawn.                                                                                  

Thank you for looking around my website! ^_^

~ Saiyu

        Custom Fursuits

Fursuits made to fit the buyer. Selling every thing from full fursuits, to individual pieces. 

We ship internationally! However with that being said; outside of the USA, it will cost more for shipping! 

We do make suits for minors, although we highly recommend just a mini partial as in head, tail, and hand paws. Usually fitting to an adult so there is growing room. If you really wish, I will make feet paws and MAYBE a suit for you (being under 18), if your parents/guardians approve. PARENT/Guardian MUST get in contact with SkunKittyFursuits!

            Pre-Made Items

We also offer a selection of premade items for someone to purchase. So please ask if we have any upcoming or finished premades! If you may be looking for something.  This can be random parts, to full fursuits!

If it's a full suit, the feet paws can be remade for an additional price.

We can still do payment plans on partial suits and full suits if need be with premades.

However Parents may still have to get in contact with me, if you are under 18.

Newest Completed Piece

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