Pillowcases 2020
Not plushies, but I still wanted to record these pillowcases I was commissioned to make.
Angels 2020
Different from the usual furry plushies, but they are commissioned plushies nonetheless.
CharX 2020
Ryan's 25 inch
Plushie Luke 2020
Plushie Luke for Luke the dog fursuit
Plushie Jan 2020
Grace's Plushie
Giant Dragon 2019
Ryan's almost life-sized Charizard
Saiyu Derp 2018
Customer of mine wanted a plushie of my fursona. So here's me being a little derp xD
Pip 2018
To go with Pip the dog, he ordered himself as a plushie as well!
Maleecia Dutchie 2017
Dutchie plushie belongs to their respective owner.
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